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BreakWell brings easy, accessible wellness services to companies.


When employee health suffers, your company suffers.

Unhappy , unhealthy employees affect:

  • Absenteeism

  • Performance

  • Customer Experience

  • Quality

  • Profit

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On-site massage is available to address conditions specific to the modern workplace.
Benefits include:

  • reduces the physical and mental effects of stress

  • reduces adverse effects of sitting for long periods of time

  • improves alertness and immune function

  • increases good feelings about the company & loyalty to a company that cares


Group Exercise

Group Exercise


Convenient and accessible group exercise programs available while you are at work. Spend more time doing something you love or with the ones you love when you leave work. 

Benefits include:

  • combat stress and worry

  • boost creativity

  • connect with your co-workers


Wellness Education

BW office.jpg


Custom wellness education programs built to tackle obstacles most important to you and your team.

Benefits include:

  • improved personal well-being

  • improved professional well-being


Meditation & Mindfulness


Meditation & Mindfulness

Inducing a state of relaxation through the practice of meditation and mindfulness can have a powerful impact on your mood and creativity.

Benefits include:

  • lowered anxiety levels

  • mental clarity

  • increased immune function